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Finished copies! They arrived this morning and I’m SO SO EXCITED! They’re ridiculously pretty, I can’t wait to see them on shelves! Only 6 weeks to go! :D


Finished copies! They arrived this morning and I’m SO SO EXCITED! They’re ridiculously pretty, I can’t wait to see them on shelves! Only 6 weeks to go! :D


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@robertdowneyJr Bros.




I’m actually really, really happy with how these turned out, aah ♥
Me as Elsa, Trine as Anna








This scene was actually when I went from feeling more or less neutral on Joan to actively disliking her.

Because wow, that was patronizing.

Cosigned so hard. No reaction would have been better than this huge “you’re a temper tantrum throwing baby”. Because THAT didn’t help either.

This adaptation just never works for me, and I have tried. But Joan is condescending and cold, there is zero chemistry between her Watson and Holmes. The hour ‘primetime crime drama’ presentation feels lack lustre, spoon fed and uninventive. The casting choices, aside form Jonny Lee Miller, are not working out, and I love Rhys Ifans and Natalie Dormer. This scene is typical of Joan’s disdainful and patronising reaction to her Sherlock…no, just no.

I only gave it three episodes (and I do hear it got better) but I couldn’t stand it. Saw no chemistry at *all*, everything too on the nose and explained like a typical american crime drama. I was so bored.

I am sorry Sherlock fandom. But I haven’t seen bigger hypocrites than you people! You don’t watch the show, don’t like it, then don’t fucking write shit about it! How can you even have an ‘educated opinion’ on something you don’t follow? You people are so shallow it’s not even worth trying to tell you how beautifully put together this show is. Patronizing? Condescending? Cold? Why, because she is a woman who takes no shit from a man? Grow the fuck up! And no chemistry (!!!) - why, because no gay?

Are you fucking kidding me. The problem with the Sherlock fandom is that they’re used to a completely dysfunctional relationship between Holmes and Watson where Holmes is constantly lying to Watson and putting him in emotionally distressing situations and Watson either just takes that shit lying down or his reactions are used for comic relief. So when Joan doesn’t take any of Sherlock’s shit, in comparison with weak little John, she’s “patronising”. Of course, for anyone who actually watches Elementary, Joan isn’t “patronising”, she just knows when to stand up for herself and when to call Sherlock out on his bullshit. Joan and Sherlock’s relationship, unlike that of John and Sherlock, is perfectly balanced. Sherlock and Joan respect each other enough to call each other out on their bullshit and be completely honest instead of brooding around lying to each other. In this specific scene, Joan is trying to make a Sherlock – who’s been completely irrational throughout the whole episode – deal with the grief that is making him behave this way.

Of course we also have to take in consideration that BBC Sherlock lacks any strong female characters so its fandom has probably been somewhat brainwashed into being more misogynistic than the average human being and seeing a woman stand up for herself translates to “unacceptable”, “patronising”, and “bossy” in their brains.

Also, Joan and Sherlock’s chemistry is a purely platonic one, they are best friends who trust and understand each other and I wouldn’t have it any other way. To be perfectly honest, it would have been a real disappointment if the only purpose of a female John Watson had been so that a (straight) romantic relationship could be formed between Holmes and Watson.

P.S.: the “romance” between John and Sherlock is called queerbaiting, it’s not going to happen but I don’t doubt that they’ll keep stringing the Sherlock fandom along with vague suggestions and banter of it.

If only John Watson would call Sherlock on his shit, instead of suffering in silence for THREE seasons.  And it’s funny how everyone was A-OK with John punching Sherlock in the face, but the first three people are upset because Joan threw a plate to show the futility of breaking dishes.  But SHE’S “patronizing” and “cold” ? Yeah, OK. 



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